John & Nienke

Music from the heart

Very proud we are!

Our new CD “A good day” is out in store now…

I want that CD!!
See us on stage…

Where can you see
John & Nienke

and listen to them play…


6-1 Instore vd Veen warenhuis – HV trio
14-1 Lucky 40 concert ism Maurice van den Hoek
21-1 Instore vd Veen warenhuis
22-1 dansschool Zevenaar – HV trio
28-1 Bluesnacht Assen
18-2 Lucky 40 concert ism van Piekeren
19-3 Harbourclub Emmen
15-4 Lucky 40 concert ism Jason Staal
13-5 Lucky 40 concert ism de Heeren Oud Zuid
27-5 besloten feestje
8-7 We make music event Utrecht ism van Piekeren

24-7 t/m 8-8 we will be touring, writing songs and performing in Texas (USA).
29-7 Poodies Hilltop Roadhouse
30-7 Jules Design Bar
4-8 Issa Awards

4-8 Neches River Wheelhouse
More Texas gigs soon…

16-9 Lucky 40 concert ism Rebecca Loebe
22-10 besloten feest Emmen

7-10 Nijend 24 Anderen

Listen to their music