Our Story

This is our story… We met thanks to Music

And after that day our lives would never be the same again ….

What do I know…

What happens when a song stays with you all the time and you can’t get it out of your head…

It happened to John with the beautifull song “What do I know” written by Steven McClintock. So we dicided that we take the song into our studio, made our own version of it… so we did.

The song developed as we were working on it and we decided to make two versions. One version featuring Mark Lennon (from the band Venice) and the other version as a love duet between John & Nienke.

Let new adventures begin…

Cheers! To new adventures with people you love all around you.

Merry Magically Christmas!!!!

We are so gratefull!!!

This Christmas was MAGICAL! We baked us some gingerbread cookies, tried some of our home made chocolate (we do that again)… walked around in our Christmas onesies with (ofcourse) comparing Christmas socks and so much more….

If you like Christmas over the top (and we do) Disney is the place to be. So we stepped into our bus and took off to Paris. There was adventure everywhere we looked. John was almost eaten by a giant dinosaur, Luc was slamming cocktails and Nienke got het name changed for the holidays. Nimca it was (the Starbucks people were convinced that Nimca was better than Nienke 🙂 )

Mothersday 2021

Sweet and lovely Luc. What a gift it is to be your mom… I can laugh & cry with you, you make me smile and let me love you… you are honest “what you see is what you get” and I love you for that!
Thank you for the happy, funny and sunny mothersday you and John gave me ❤️ love you guys to the moon and back✨✨

Easter 2021

What did we do this years Easter weekend….. Well we did a little songwriting, find easter eggs in the backyard with the youngest, play easter games, eat the easterbunny (we love chocolate), watching old 8 mm movies with cute little people a long time ago, did some more games, singing and making music, visit grandma, did a little more eating, painting the eggs with very questionable paintings on them (thanks to the youngest in puberty), let the baby cats out in the yard for the first time (we almost had a heart attack, they had fun), enjoy the sun outside and watch the rain and the hail while drinking tea inside the house and eat a little more ofcourse…
🐤🐣🐥 happy easter everyone 

Valentinesday 2021

When I’ve got a feeling that my prayers will hit the ceiling… You keep me believing….

We believe that Valentinesday is not only a day for the lovers to express their feelings to another… it’s also a perfect day to tell all your loved ones and dearest friends how much you appreciate their presence in your live…. and what that means to you.

“Let it snow, let it snow”

When the holiday season is over, new year has been celebrated and februari is beginning…. our story continues…….

Suddenly there is snow, lots of it. Snow that we wanted to fall in december but as everything in live, good things come slowly and when you expect them the least… We are allways in for a little surprise, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…. Instantly it gives us the feeling of Christmas, the cold, the snow… and even when it’s februari we are singing christmas songs and feeling happy in this weird time with all the lock down rules…

So we decided that we want to share our “Christmas specials” with you, so we all can feel a little warm, loved and maybe a little inspired….